My Review of “The Devil You Know” by Victoria Vane

I had the pleasure of reading this book before its release date! I loved the first two books in this series, and the third definitely does not disappoint. It’s a bit more graphic than the first two, but Victoria makes it work in very fine style!

What I love most about this series, and this book in particular, is that it is capable of standing alone without the hot and steamy scenes. It doesn’t happen too often that an ‘erotica’ storyline could stand on its own two feet without the erotica, but that is exactly what Victoria has done. And she’s done a damned fine job of it!

I love Diana. She’s strong without being too domineering and while she’s vulnerable, she isn’t a sniveling twit. And DeVere? Wow! There are times when you’re ready to hate him, then you see what his thought process and you realize it is spot on and deep down, he really does have a heart. A heart he’s trying very much to protect.

I look forward, with great anticipation to the next book in this series! Thank you Victoria, for sweeping us away!

This is definitely a 5-star read! Note, it is erotica, therefore not meant for those who blush easily! ;o)

This book will be released July 27 or 28th. ;o)

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