Special Contest!

Hello lovely readers!

As you all know, I love writing! To celebrate the success of my first book, Laiden’s Daughter, and to help launch my second book, Findley’s Lass, I’m going to do something a little different.

Findley’s Lass, is going to be released early, probably sometime in late October. ;o) To celebrate that, I’ve got a new contest going and here are the rules:

1. Anyone who stops by the blog between now and August 29, 2012 and leaves a “hi! I was here” type of message, will automatically be entered  to win a copy of Findley’s Lass before it is released to the public! ;o) You’ll receive a signed paperback version.

2. If you refer a friend, and the friend stops by and says “So and so sent me,” they get a chance too AND your name gets entered again. Send five friends, and you get five chances! ;o)

3. The winner will be announced on September 1, 2012.

Its that simple. ;o)

Thank you again for all of your kind words and support! I couldn’t do this without you!!!




  1. I had a blast reading Laiden’s Daughter. I’m super excited for the new one. Can’t wait and keep up the good work. :)

  2. Hi, I.m here. Congrats on the book. I can hardly wait til it’s done. Keep writing.

  3. I was here too!! Laiden’s daughter was and is fabulous and I cannot wait to read Findley’s Lass! :-D Way to go Suzan!!!

  4. Hi I was here and so happy that I’ve read Laidyn’s daughter. Can’t wait 4 Findleys daughter.

  5. I’m here! I’m here! I hope I win a free book! : ) I’m so excited that it’s off to your editor – congratulations!

  6. Hi, I just was here from Germany. Can’t wait for the next book… and the 3rd and the book after ;)
    So happy I found Laidens Daughter in the Kindle shop.

  7. Awwww!!! I’m so glad you stopped by! How is weather in Germany? It’s hot hot HOT here!
    I’m glad you enjoyed “Laiden’s Daughter”!! :0) I have 5 planned for this series. :0)



  8. Hi Suzan!! Congrats on your upcoming release. I’m from Asia (Malaysia to be exact) & I’d love to read your books. Excited to have come across your blog; finding new (to me) authors & books is always a happy event!

  9. Hai Linda,

    I’m from Malaysia too! :-) Glad to see you here. Hope you love Suzan’s book.

  10. Hi! I was here! Can’t wait for Findley’s Lass…seriously, I’m so impatient ;) hehe

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