Another important update….

I’ve written so much today that my fingers are numb! ;o) Ahhhh, the life of a writer.

I’m on chapter 24, at 95,205 words for Findley’s Lass! I have one, possibly two chapters left and the prologue for book Three, titled Wee William’s Woman left to write then its off to the editor! Such an exciting time ;o) I think I’m even more excited about book two I think. Its a different feeling, kind of like having your second baby. You sort of know what to expect but there is still such an exciting and wondrous element to it all!

Today I am very thankful for coffee and fat free fudge bars! ;o) I’m also very thankful for all my readers!!!!

I’m also thankful for my wonderful husband and son for holding down the home front while I bring another book nearer an exciting ending. But its not really over, its just the beginning another chapter one of another book and that is just so cool!

Wishing you all a blessed, happy and safe week ahead!




  1. Really!!!!!! I’m happy to be one of your readers and I’m happy to hear that the ebook will be release before December.

    I have to remind you again, don’t forget to publish it in Smashwords. ‘finger crossed’

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