How Do You Read?

Isn’t that a funny question? ;o)

What I really want to know is, do you have a Kindle, Nook, or iPad? I’d also like to know if you have more than one of these, which one do you prefer to use? I have the Kindle, but I also have a Mac laptop as well as an iPhone and both have all three versions of readers on it. ;o) I still prefer my Kindle, even when reading on my iPhone or laptop. How about you?

I still love my paperbacks, in fact I’m reading one titled Four Sisters, All Queens. It was sent to me by the author’s publisher so that I could review it for the Romantic Historical Lovers Blog that I happen to be a member of ;o)

I’m just curious as to how the people who follow me and the other indie authors out there (and anyone else who might stumble upon this page) reads. ;o) I’m pretty sure that 99.9% of my readers use a Kindle because 99.99999% of my sales are at Amazon. ;o)

So just leave me a note and tell me what your personal favorite is. ;o)




  1. Same here. The Kindle is the best I think. I have the older, non-fire, no light, simple and easy to use Kindle! lol The letters are starting to wear off it! lol

  2. Hi Suzan. I have a Kindle fire that hubby bought from the US (As you can’t get that over here) and I LOVE IT!
    I know people who have the sony ereader and they have complained that they cannot get so many books and that it’s difficult to download books and often doesn’t work at all. x

  3. I LOVE my Kindle. That’s what I use pretty much exclusively these days. First, I just don’t have anymore room for my “keepers” (and, I have over 2,000 keepers in paperback). Second, you can change the font so it is bigger. That’s a plus for someone who reads as much as I do. Third, it is just so much easier to load up with books and take anywhere with you. And, finally, I’ve gotten very spoiled with the ability to get a book instantly the day it comes out! Love it!

    Carolyn Hughes :)

  4. Is there a reason why you can’t get it there? lol I’m glad you have one tho! We purchased my son one for 8th grade graduation present. (Actually MY HUSBAND purchased it. I was perfectly content with adding $25 to his college fund…but that’s another story! lol)

  5. lol…that is the ONLY drawback to Kindle. CLICK NOW TO BUY…then when you get your credit card bill…lol. The second month I had mine, my husband said I’d have to go on book rations! lol

  6. Yes it’s not available – not for sale. Amazon never released it here. It’s only in the US.

  7. I have a NOOK Tablet and love it. It has different backlights for reading in different lights and the ability to increase the font too. I hop on the internet, find the books i want to buy and seconds later…reading. I agree with one of the others too about being able to load up a bunch of books and head off to wherever, very convenient. I do have the NOOK for pc and Kindle for pc on my desktop and a few real books too!

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