Book signing success!

Last night was wonderful! We had lots of people join us for my first speaking engagement and book signing. A few of the faces I did indeed know but many I had never met before!

I’d like to extend a very special thank you to the Marquette Heights Library Board for having me speak last night. They were all so very warm and friendly and the refreshments were yummy!

A special thanks to my beautiful sister-in-law Kris for joining us and for taking pictures. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of a tremendous family and Kris is just one example of why I love them all so much!

Thank you also to Shelley for being my best friend and for pulling me in off the ledge on so many occasions over the years. ;o)

Thanks to Lori M., Dick M., Mary O., and Rhonda for coming out to join us! You are all good people.

Thanks also to my beautiful daughters who were there to help and to cheer me on. I am blessed beyond reason and my girls are just more proof that God loves me! ;o)

And last but not least, a very special thank you to all of the readers and fans and others who joined us. My main hope for last night was that not only did you have a good time but that you learned something and were encouraged to put pen to paper. Remember, there is a story in each and every one of us that begs to be told.

Thank you all so very much!

I’ll have pictures posted in a day or two. ;o)


Suzan T.


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